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The Brandy Station Volunteer Fire Department

        The organizational meeting of this fire company was held in the office of Charles P. Humphries, Manager of the Bottled Gas Corporation of Virginia. The first meeting as a fire company was held in the Brandy Station High School, at which time the Charter was requested from the State of Virginia. Each of the Charter Members donated $100 to handle initial expenses and to get the fire company started. The original fire hall was built in 1952 with no assistance from the state or the county. All funds used for this project were raised by the department and auxiliary members. Work was performed and the hall erected by members in their spare time and through the night.

Brandy Station Volunteer Fire Department

    The first fire engine was purchased with funds raised by the hard work and dedication of the department and auxiliary members. Subsequent funds were raised for the organization by the members of both the department and auxiliary through bingo, carnivals and dinners.

    The hall was formally dedicated in 1952 where Admiral Lewis L. Strauss served as the master of ceremonies. The corner stone was laid by the Stevens Lodge #169 A.F. & A.M.

The Brandy Station Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary was formed in 1951 to provide support for the Fire Department. They hosted dances, cakewalks, dinners and sold items such as vanilla and baking powder to help raise money for the Fire Department. They equipped the fire hall with tables and chairs with their many fund raising events. They sponsored the first carnival in August 1951, later turning that responsibility over to the firemen in August of 1955.

The Department Members

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The Brandy Station Volunteer Fire Department leadership is headed by...

Administrative Officers:
President - David Myers
Vice President - Rick Lane
Secretary - Stephanie Jones
Treasurer - Carolyn Lane

Operational Officers:
Chief - Peppe Troilo
Assistant Chief - Cameron Scott
Deputy Chief - Gordon Mackison
Captain - Enos Martin
Lieutenant -Brandon Scott
Lieutenant - Patrick Glasscock

Board of Directors:
Wayne Gibson
Nick Nicholson
Eric Delaney
Darrell Myers

Culpeper County

        Fire and Rescue Services are provided to the residents of Culpeper County through a system comprised of both volunteer and career personnel. There are eight volunteer organizations providing services to the County. There are approximately 594 volunteer members spread among these agencies, of which approximately 361 are active operational volunteers. Each of these agencies has its own officers to oversee the operations of their respective organization. The volunteers are the primary providers of fire and rescue coverage. The majority of the members work regular full‐time jobs resulting in limited availability of volunteers for weekday coverage.

    Culpeper County maintains mutual aid agreements with Fauquier, Madison, Orange and Rappahannock Counties. The Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services also seeks to reduce demand for fire and rescue services through a proactive fire prevention and safety program. The program includes numerous public education activities as well as a fire safety inspection program. Inspections are provided for the public school system as well as for commercial and industrial businesses.

Brandy Station Volunteer Fire Department

    Culpeper County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association exists to assist in the coordination and provision of emergency services between Culpeper County, VA and the departments of the county. The CCVFRA provides essential services for the member companies, including:

  • coordinating training of emergency services personnel
  • assisting in the development of uniform dispatch protocols
  • developing standard operating guidelines for approval by the member companies
  • receiving budget allocations from the county and distributing them to its member companies
  • providing a forum where all the member companies can work together to create consistent delivery of emergency services to the citizens